An Oral Health Guide for Families

Maintaining dental health is vital for everyone in the family. Therefore, it would be worth discussing a basic oral health guide that everyone can follow. Following basic oral health routine is important also because you want to teach your kids how to maintain oral health. A few tips need to be mentioned here.

Basic steps to a good smile

  • First, you will have to make sure that you are brushing your teeth every day with fluoride toothpaste.
  • Don’t skip flossing
  • Reduce the eating of snacks
  • Go for the dental visits regularly

Brushing and flossing

Remember, brushing and flossing are the basic oral hygiene activities without which you cannot achieve good oral health. When it comes to brushing, make sure that you are using a toothbrush with soft bristles. While brushing, use the toothbrush gently to clean your teeth and gums. As a general rule, keep 45-degree angle in mind. Do not skip the brushing of chewing surfaces of the teeth. Also brush your tongue.

While you may be able to clean the visible surfaces of your teeth with the help of brushing, it is equally important to clean those interdental spaces which can become breeding grounds for bacteria if they are not cleaned properly. Therefore, you need to floss.

Impact of snacking on teeth

Snacking is the favorite activity of people belonging to any age group. But doing too much of it can lead to tooth decay. The snacks that we normally have are usually the processed, sugary and starchy foods which are never good for oral health. They can invite bacteria to do the damage to teeth. Now, it doesn’t mean that you need to completely avoid snacking. You need to replace unhealthy items with the healthy ones. Moreover, having sugary and starchy snacks very fewer times in a month is not going to do the damage.

Dealing with the plaque

You need to make sure that you are doing everything to keep plaque buildup at bay. Plaque is basically a byproduct of bacterial buildup after the bacteria consume food remains in the mouth. It is a natural process but you can clean your teeth every day to remove this buildup. If this buildup is left untreated, it can turn into tartar which can cause tooth decay and gum disease.

The easy way to prevent plaque is to brush your teeth every day. Moreover, you need to floss your teeth as mentioned above.

Visiting the dentist

Last but not the least; you need to visit your dentist after every six months. Here, you can fix an appointment for the entire family and name that day the ‘dental visit day’. This way, you will be able to deal with the dental issues of you and your family in a convenient way.


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