Common Misconceptions about Children’s Dental Health

Maintaining the dental health of children needs to be the top priority of parents. Unfortunately, there are some common myths about dental health of children and unfortunately, many of the concerned parents seem to believe those misconceptions. But fortunately, the easy sharing of information over digital channels has made it quite possible for the parents to know about the right ways to maintain the dental health of their kids. Still, the availability of too much information about everything can raise suspicions about certain portions of information to be completely false. This is the reason that myths about dental health still exist.

In this scenario, you need to make sure that you consult your dentist every now and then in order to stay updated about the best practices in dentistry. Now, we will discuss some myths or misconceptions about kids’ dental health.

Kids should be able to brush their teeth as early as possible

You have to keep a rule in mind that children cannot brush tier teeth on their own until they are able to tie their shoelaces. You may even need to help them at that time in brushing the back of their teeth.

Juice is a healthy choice

One thing that you will have to keep in mind is that juice is absolutely not a healthy option for your kids’ oral and overall health. This is due to the fact that bigger portion of the fiber gets eliminated when juice is extracted from the fruits. And then high amount of sugar is added in the juice. Survey suggests that the amount of sugar in the fruit juices is same as that in the sodas. The recommended drinks for the children are water and milk. And when they have their initial teeth ready to chew the foods, you can give them whole fruits to eat.

Baby teeth are not that important

Many people think that baby teeth are not that important because they are going to fall out any way. But the matter of fact is that those teeth are very important for the better eruption of permanent teeth. Moreover, missing the baby teeth prematurely can lead to child’s inability to properly eat foods. It can also lead to speech issues in the long run. Baby teeth are basically the placeholders for the permanent teeth. Therefore, taking care of those teeth is as important as taking care of the permanent teeth.


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